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Portraits Beauty through the ages

One of the great things you can do with Stable Diffusion is "mash-up" genres and combine styles together that never-before existed...

Gothic Art Noveau

More blending the beautiful, clean aesthetic of the Art Noveau (think Alphonse Mucha and Gustav Klimt) with strong, heavily made up pale young ladies...

African Pink

Imaginary African girls with attitude and pink hair...

Gothic Teen Attitude

Pale petite teens with style and attitude

Punk Noveau

Punk rock emo chicks meet the beautiful aesthetics of Art Noveau blended with Art Deco...

Dark Orchids

The most beautiful, alluring and darkly exotic of all flowers

Gothic Middle East

There's something beautifully subversive about combing the hijab with a strong, liberated feminine style. These are women that won't be repressed, curtailed or hidden away. Can their beauty subvert you?


The vibrant peacock loves to strut its stuff...

The Look (Autumn)

American's call autumn The Fall, which has a nice Camus ring to it, don't you think?

The Look (Gold)

Goldfinger, pretty girl, beware of this heart of goldThis heart is coldHe loves only gold...

Gothic Pre-Raphaelite

Take a beautiful gothic lady, heavy makeup and then throw in a touch of pre-Raphaelite aesthetic, a dash of Rosetti and a pinch of Collinson and you get...

Gothic Dark Angel

A dark, slightly twisted exploration that subverts everything about what an angel should be...

The Look (Pink)

A photoshoot with a pink aesthetic...


Red hair, red lips and freckles.


Imagine a masque ball with the most intricate, ornate and fantastical masks covering the most beautiful ladies...

Cyber Latex

Cyberpunk meets latex... erm, yeah.

Iridescent Glow

Iridescent rainbows

Platinum & Obsidian

Beautiful hair with overtones of platinum and obsidian