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Website Credits Standing on the shoulder of giants

Isaac Newton once famously said:

"If I have seen a little further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants."

Well, developing a website is a little like that - you rely on the hard work of all the underpaid, over-worked developers who go before you. Many of these offer their work for free as open source. So, I'd like to give a warm hand to...

Software Used

  • I developed this website using the brilliant open-source CMS called Umbraco. Thanks to Niels and all the Umbraco crew and community - you are awesome! I built all the blog engine and templates myself, though. Well, that's my job :)
  • The front-end framework makes use of Bootstrap 3 and I've adapted the Slate theme for this site.
  • Of course the site also makes extensive use of the ubiquitous jQuery JavaScript library. $("p.neat").addClass("ohmy").show("slow");
  • I've used the Snippet syntax highlighting library for, erm, code syntax highlighting in some of the blog.
  • Some blog posts have embedded Gists from GitHub, because they're cool.
  • The GitHub page uses the GitHubJS plugin.
  • Modals (such as on the Photograph pages) are powered by Featherlight - the "ultra slim lightbox".
  • I also make liberal use of the Umbraco packages Archetype and Multi Url Picker.
  • All images are dynamically processed using the outstanding ImageProcessor
  • The music pages all uses embedded widgets from the amazing SoundCloud who have saved me both effort and bandwidth
  • The site makes use of Cloudflare to provide HTTPS support and caching of static assets - they offer a fantastic service